This is BIG NEWS!


We’re excited to announce the merger of our three HVAC businesses across North America:

Simple IAQ Solutions for a Complex World

Learn about our Aerostar® MERV 13 through MERV 16 air filter solutions that remove more 0.1 – 0.3 micron particles from the air.

IAQ Solutions for Infectious Disease

We develop Aerostar® filters to ASHRAE standards, and advocate continued regard for the CDC’s  response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).


INDOORAIRHYGIENE.COM is a free resource center brought to you by Filtration Group-HVAC, and Madison Industries group of air quality companies.

Enduro-Pleat X3

Announcing the New Enduro-Pleat® X3

The Enduro-Pleat X3 is made for the most challenging applications that require a MERV 13 filter. Great for commercial and industrial applications with extreme weather, high flow rates, and dry high dust environments that can destroy a standard MERV 13 pleated filter.

Aerostar FP Dual-Pak

Filtration Group HVAC Announces the Launch of the FP Dual-Pak

The new AEROSTAR® FP Dual-Pak was engineered to improve indoor air quality by filtering at a MERV 15 particulate performance level. The gas-phase filter contains significant activated and impregnated carbon to remove nuisance odors.

Flowstar VS250 Fan Filter Unit

FG-HVAC is excited to Launch our Industry-Leading Fan Filter Unit— The VS250 FFU

FG-HVAC is excited to launch our industry-leading fan filter unit. The VS250 is an optimal solution for environments that are limited on ceiling space to host their air purification systems, but still demand HEPA / ULPA filtration efficiencies. It is a best-in-class solution for Hospital, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Microelectronic environments.


The Enduro-Pleat ® offers a MERV 8/8A indoor air quality protection rating. If a wireback pleated filter is the common application for your HVAC system, watch this video to learn how the Enduro-Pleat is built for maximum durability without sacrificing on indoor air quality or energy costs.

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We produce filtration solutions to fit into HVAC systems of all kinds to ensure that you are offering healthy air to your building occupants

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Filtration Group is a leading manufacturer of technically advanced air filters for all types of HVAC environments- common to demanding