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Health-Focused HVAC Supply Company

Filtration Group- HVAC offers the highest standards in air filtration technology. We manufacture HVAC supply products with total cost of ownership (TCO)  built into their designs. Our Aerostar® and Flowstar® product lines contain 4 filtration and HVAC components ⏤prefilters, efficiency filters, gas phase, high purity products.  National HVAC Distributors Look to Aerostar  Air Filters for Green Building Maintenance and  Leed Certification Requirements We offer advanced air filters that […]

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HVAC Engineers

Filter Change Schedules & the Cost of Energy

The most obvious consequence of an HVAC system breakdown, is usually a fan failure from the increased load. This is very expensive but also hard to not attribute to the deferred maintenance. Harder to catch, but much more common, is the increased cost of energy consumed from a filter that is in use beyond its […]

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HVAC Operational Costs

What does it cost to upgrade to MERV 11-15 protective filter efficiencies?

One thing that is commonly accepted about filter efficiencies – increased removal efficiency generally means increased pressure drop across a filter, or an increase in energy consumed. For example, look at the TCO of our Synthetic Rigid Filters at MERV 11, 13 and 15 when prefiltered by the Series 400 Standard Capacity Pleat. To combat […]

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Air Particles and their Affect on Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Conventional wisdom tells us to employ MERV 13+ filters to remove particulates from the air for both fresh outside air and recirculated air. Anything below MERV 13 is basically just protecting your equipment, whereas MERV 13 and above filter smaller air particles in the 0.3-2.5 micron range that can get in your lungs and potentially your […]

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Cleanroom Constructs to Boost Your Bottom Line

By Michael Bruce, Filtration group, HVAC “Making prudent operational and financial decisions while considering a variety of variables can be challenging – but it doesn’t have to be.” Most experts agree that cleanroom design, operation and maintenance is complicated. If your design doesn’t support your processes, you will likely experience lower than expected uptime. When […]

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Sick Building Syndrome

Does your building have Sick Building Syndrome?

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) occurs in 30% of new or renovated buildings worldwide. Is your building subjected to poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?

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