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School systems in all types of geographies trust Filtration Group Products to provide a clean, safe and productive environment for our next generation and those teaching them. Regardless of the local climate, we have products to achieve the Indoor Air Quality levels needed by the students and Total Cost of Ownership demanded by the school board.

Statistics state that at least 50% of our nation’s 115,000 schools have been indoor air quality issues. Proper ventilation and maintenance throughout the school year is critical for student and staff health concerns. Lack of proper air filtration is one of the leading causes for illness, lack of concentration and fatigue resulting in lower grades and a higher amount of missed days.

Make Indoor Air Quality in your school a priority today and keep students and teachers in the classroom by selecting the right filter and maintenance program.

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University Common Area

FG-HVAC | Elmhurst School District

Clean air conditions have been linked to higher cognitive function in students and lower absentee rates in public schools.  Elmhurst, Illinois, Public School district 205 recognized the need to improve their active maintenance program with more protective MERV 8, NovaPleat filters.

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Clean Air in Schools