V Bank and Mini Pleat

Titan FP

FP and FP-S Mini-Pleat V-Bank Filter

The Aerostar® FP and FP-S filter's unique, inherently stable filter design distributes are evenly across the filter. It allows for large variations in air flow and pressure drop without affecting filter performance and efficiency. Our 4V mini-pleat V-Bank™ technology has proven to be cost effective and highly efficient in removing a wide variety of contaminants from the air stream. 

Titan FPS

TitanFP and Titan FP-S Mini-Pleat

The Aerostar® TitanFP and FP-S state-of-the-art 2 V mini-pleat filter is constructed with a high impact plastic frame, steel struts and micro-glass media and synthetic media.

Product Details
Geo Pleat

GeoPleat Filter

The Aerostar® GeoPleat advanced pleating technology increases media area per filter, reducing resistance to air flow and maximizes service life.


Nexfil Mini-Pleat

The Aerostar® Nexfil® high efficiency mini-pleat air filter is specifically designed to provide high levels of air filtration efficiency to remove pollens, molds, dust and other airborne irritants.

Hega Dual Pak

HEGA Dual-Pak

The Aerostar® HEGA Dual-Pak is a dual-stage filter consisting of a pleated particulate first stage media along with a second stage gas removal media.