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Does your building have Sick Building Syndrome?

Employee productivity has always remained paramount to any organization’s pursuit of success and while many aspects may contribute to this, the importance of maintaining a clean and sustainable work-space has become noticeably evident in recent years. Studies have shown a significant decrease in absenteeism and depression among workers exposed to clean air and a sustainable working environment. The term Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) was coined in 1984 by the World Health Organization when reports suggested that up to 30% of new or renovated buildings worldwide were subjected to poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Learn how to accomplish the optimal indoor air quality for your workplace...

HVAC, Operational Costs, Maintenance

The High Price of Poor Air Filtration

Understanding the importance of regular filter maintenance and complying with a routine replacement schedule will allow you to better predict and manage the overall operational costs of your business...

Learn the importance of regular filter maintenance and how upgrades in the replacement cycle affect your overall operational costs...

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Indoor Air Quality 101

The EPA estimates that poor IAQ may cost the U.S. tens of billions of dollars in lost productivity and medical care each year. Low quality IAQ contributes to sickness, poor worker productivity, and frequent absences. IAQ has two main components – both particulate concentration and the concentration of certain gasses like CO2.

Learn how to avoid lost productivity and frequent absences as a product of poor IAQ in your building...

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IAQ Cost Savings

Higher Filter Efficiencies – What do they Cost?

Numerous independent reports and studies tell us that there are links between the IAQ and sickness, poor worker productivity, and frequent absences. From there, it is easy to draw the conclusion that higher MERV filters are positive for the IAQ of a building, and the people that inhabit them.

Learn how higher MERV filters have a positive impact on the IAQ of a building and result in overall energy savings...

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Building Engineer

Energy Consumed by Filters- Easy and Expensive to Miss

In today’s world almost every company and everyone is trying to do more with less. One of the strategies in doing this is to defer maintenance on certain systems to a later date, postponing the cost for later. HVAC filter replacements are common targets for this behavior, but the consequences can be large and, in some cases, they can easily go unnoticed.

Learn about the implications of deferred maintenance on your building...

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Air Filter Change

Filtration Total Cost of Ownership – What you need to know.

When evaluating multiple filters against each other, it is very common to focus on the initial DP as the primary indicator of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a given product. However dust holding capacity (DHC) is just as important as Initial Pressure Drop (DP). 

Learn the importance of evaluating the dust holding capacity of air filter products that would fit best in your environment...

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