HVAC Applications

Commercial Indoor Air Quality-

Commercial Buildings

Our high efficiency filters are designed to protect the output of air quality to the highest engineered standards, while balancing the total cost of ownership for it’s lifespan.

Indoor Air Quality in Schools - High Efficiency Filters

Educational Facilities

School systems in many geographies trust Filtration Group Products to provide a safe and productive environment for our next generation and those teaching them. 

Indoor Air Quality in Healthcare-High Efficiency Filters

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare applications are among the highest needs for high efficiency filters. Our HEPA air filters are 99.9% effective in protecting patients from microbial particles. 

Industrial Indoor Air Quality-High Efficiency Filters


Maintenance interval and air filter design can optimize the overall energy efficiency of your building, and also reduce the total cost of ownership of the products themselves.  

Hospitality Indoor Air Quality


For hotels & hospitality, the customer experience is paramount. Odors and stale air can drive customers away – and revenue. Delivering well ventilated, fresh, odor and particulate free air should be a priority in any application.

Airport Indoor Air Quality-High Efficiency Filters


With a high population of travelers and superior staffing needs over most indoor environments, air quality optimization is heavily regulated in Airports to protect public health. Learn how proper filtration strategy can increase your air quality standards, while also yielding net savings on energy costs.

Libraries, Archives, and Museums Indoor Air Quality

Museums, Archives & Libraries

Air quality is one of the most important factors in preventing deterioration of antiques and archival documents. Using the proper filters and changeout plan can eliminate contamination of precious historical artifacts. 

Wildfires Indoor Air Quality-High Efficiency Filters


In regions that are heavily affected by wildfires. Filtration Group’s high efficiency filters are turned to during remedial periods. When returning to these areas, heightened indoor air quality protection will reduce overexposure to health-hazardous smoke particulates lingering in the air.

Cleanroom Indoor Air Quality-High Efficiency Filters


Whether protecting workers that create medicinal products or patients that  benefit from their distribution, it is important to reduce air contaminants in cleanrooms. Filtration group products maintain critically hygienic environments.

Firing Range Indoor Air Quality-High Efficiency Filters

Firing Ranges

Most firing ranges have multiple areas that need varying degrees of air filtration.  Air filtration technology is extremely important to maintain safety standard compliance as lead concentration in the air is a top of mind concern. We produce highly protective air filters for to eliminate contaminate exposure.