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With the pressures of running a business today, it is very easy to overlook the effects of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) on financial performance. Poor IAQ has been linked by many studies to reduced worker productivity and increased absenteeism due to sickness. The consequences in retail environments are even greater – poor IAQ can cause customers to leave early or even stay away altogether. Investing in better air purification filters improves indoor air quality and increases energy efficiency.

It is also important to remember, filters do not just cost money – they consume energy. Selecting the right design of filters and maintenance interval for your building can maximize your IAQ and minimize the total cost of ownership of filters.

Picking the right filter is important but matching it to the right changeout interval for a given application can be even more significant. Just take a look at what saving a on the annual filter cost by extending the changeout period of a filter can do to your Total Cost of Ownership. In this example, doubling the changeout interval of a pleated filter saves 14% of TCO, but the energy consumption increases 67%.

Commercial Building Air Filtration Total Cost of Ownership

Don’t sacrifice your human capital or prevent revenue to save on air filters. Filtration Group provides a wide range of options for light commercial strip malls to commercial high-rise buildings alike.

Get your free consultation now to make sure you are doing right by your building’s inhabitants and your bottom line. We can walk you though multiple options to find the right fit for you.

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Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Commercial Buildings

Indoor air quality conditions have been linked to higher cognitive function and lower absentee rates in the workplace. Humans spend approximately 90% of their day employed at their place of work. Companies make large investments in securing hazards. Unhealthy HVAC systems−though not as blatant− cost companies thousands of production dollars a year.

Read how investing in better air purification filters improved their indoor air quality and reduced their operational costs…

Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Commercial Buildings