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Filters do not just cost money – they consume energy. Selecting the right design of filters and maintenance interval for your factory or warehouse can minimize the total cost of ownership of filters. In selecting filters, it’s easy to hyper-focus on the purchase price and the changeout interval, as that costs money and labor which is easy to tie to a cost on a P&L. What’s harder to capture is the energy consumed by pushing air through a filter – but this is almost always the biggest component of the total cost of a filter.

Selecting a filter based on performance can save significantly in the long run. Avoid being shortsighted –  look at the TCO and not just the purchase price of a filter and how long it can last. Take a look at what our high performance pleats and minipleats can do compared to a standard capacity wireback pleat and Rigid Cell Filter. It’s easily possible to save 25%+ compared to legacy technology filters on a TCO basis –

Annual Industrial Building Total Cost of Ownership

Filtration Group provides a wide range of filter options for industrial applications. Trust us to help you find the right setup for your needs.

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Industrial Air Filtration

Innovative Filtration Solutions for Industrial Applications

When installing HVAC solutions the types of materials industrial facilities use to fabricate their products is very important to consider. Neglecting the right air cleansing solutions in these spaces can be very harmful to employee health and product yield. Read how Filtration Group-HVAC filters are engineered to exceed efficiency standards and secure industrial manufacturing activities. 

Air Filtration Solutions for Industrial Applications

Enduro-Pleat X3 Case Study

Filtration Group-HVAC | Enduro-Pleat® X3 Case Study

Extreme weather related conditions can cause premature collapsing of standard pleated filters ahead of a product’s service life expectancy.  This has operational implications on production down time, labor, and unaccounted filter replacement costs. For heavily regulated environments with critical air purification standards, this can be a major bottleneck. Filtration Group-HVAC assisted in solving this issue for a large food manufacturing company with this problem, and in the process created our newest Enduro-Pleat® X3, MERV 13 filter. 

Read how Filtration Group manufactured the toughest pleated air filter to endure HVAC conditions in high moisture, high dust, and high-flow rate environments.