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Most people would think the physical handling of archives and antiques would be the most detrimental to something so precious, but it might be the air surrounding them. Using the proper filters and change out schedule can eliminate molecular and particle contaminants that can ruin that precious work of art or timeless novel.

  • Molecular contaminants typically are chemicals either organic or inorganic that cause damage and the severity depending chemical components
  • Particulate contaminants can be a variety of viable (capable of growing), typically bacteria, mold or fungus

Best practice recommendations are a three-step process.

  1. Pre-filter of MERV 8 or higher
  2. Molecular filtration using carbon treated media
  3. MERV 15 or higher efficiency filter to remove fine contaminants

Using the right filters is important but so is maintaining a proper change out schedule, one without the other is only doing half the work, at best. Choosing a cheaper filter with a higher pressure drop or extending the changeout period increases energy consumption greatly and costs a lot more in the long run.

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