Filtration Solutions for Wildfire Smoke

The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Challenge Caused by Wildfires

Large wildfires (>1,000 acres) in the western United States have increased from an average of 140 per year in the 1980’s to 250 per year in the 2000-2012 time frame. During this time, the average season has grown from 5 months to over 7 months annually. As this trend has continued, the effects of wildfire smoke on people is top-of mind for health professionals, scientists, filtration experts and common people alike.

Read how our Aerostar® filters aren’t just designed to meet OSHA standards- they exceed them to secure safer, healthier and more productive facilities for buildings exposed to wildfire smoke.


FGHVAC|Wildfire Recovery

Buildings without the right filtration strategy can trap and hold the results of wildfires in the airstream long after the event is over, whereas having the right filters for wildfire events on the premises to install at a moment’s notice can be a part of getting back to normal quickly.

Read how Filtration Group manufactures air quality solutions to recover indoor air quality conditions for safer, healthy and more productive buildings. 

Wildfire Recovery