Gas-Phase Filters

Series 550 Removal Pleat

Series 550 Odor Removal Pleat

The Aerostar® Series 550 carbon pleated filters are designed for the control of intermittent odor problems. This filter can also be a low cost method to verify the potential effectiveness of carbon for controlling an odor problem.

Series 750 Plus Carbon Pleat

Series 750 Plus Carbon Pleat

The Aerostar® Series 750 Plus carbon pleat is designed to provide higher levels of both particulate and gas phase air filtration compared to standard carbon pleats.

FP Dual- Pak

FP Dual-Pak

The Aerostar® FP Dual-Pak filter is designed to remove both particulates and gases with it’s proprietary combination media. Great for applications without enough stages for a stand-alone carbon filter or where energy is expensive, and there’s a desire to have a combined initial pressure drop lower than a separate particulate and carbon filter.

High Efficiency Gas Adsorber Filters

HEGA® (High Efficiency Gas Adsorbers) Filters

Filtration Group HEGA® (High Efficiency Gas Adsorbers) products remove gaseous air contaminants and undesirable odors, giving your occupants and processes the indoor air quality they require.

FP Gas Phase

FP Gas Phase

The Aerostar® FP Gas Phase filter is designed to remove a wide range of odors and common indoor pollutants at high air flows. 

Carbon Honey Comb Gas Phase Filters

Carbon Honeycomb

The Aerostar® Carbon Filled Honeycomb Gas Phase air filters are constructed with a water-resistant die cut frame. The media is made from granular activated carbon suspended in honeycomb.