Enduro-Pleat® X3

Enduro-Pleat X3

Enduro-Pleat® X3

The Enduro-Pleat®X3 is made for the most challenging applications that require a MERV 13 filter.

The X3 is engineered for the harshest HVAC environments where traditional pleats are prone to collapsing. Internal reinforcement from steel frame in a patented* extra-thick beverage board frame to stand up to the most demanding of applications. “The Tough Pleat the Saves Time and Money” – we guarantee it. Ask your sales rep for details.

  • Stands up to challenging applications including extreme weather, high flow rate, dry high dust environments and more!
  • Longer changeout periods due to high DHC reduces labor and disposal costs throughout the year
  • MERV 13 performance for LEED points and higher IAQ than standard pleats

*U.S. Patent 10,232,295 B2

Enduro-Pleat X3 Case Study

Filtration Group-HVAC | Enduro-Pleat® X3 Case Study

Extreme weather related conditions can cause premature collapsing of standard pleated filters ahead of a product’s service life expectancy.  This has operational implications on production down time, labor, and unaccounted filter replacement costs. For heavily regulated environments with critical air purification standards, this can be a major bottleneck. Filtration Group-HVAC assisted in solving this issue for a large food manufacturing company with this problem, and in the process created our newest Enduro-Pleat® X3, MERV 13 filter. 

Read how Filtration Group manufactured the toughest pleated air filter to endure HVAC conditions in high moisture, high dust, and high-flow rate environments.