Polyester Media Rolls & Media Pads

Polyester Media Rolls | Media Pads

HVAC Polyester Rolls and Pads

The P, PST Series and the OR Series are some of our most popular choices in polyester media. The P and PST Series are traditional multi-denier media designed for general applications. The OR Series is a premium multi-denier, gradient density media for more demanding applications. The EC Overspray Series is for paint overspray applications, while the AVANT Series and more are available for applications where a premium media is required.

Polyester Rolls | Media Pads

Rigid Polyester Media

The 100D Matrix, Rigid AM and VL-TPR medias are constructed with 100% polyester fibers that are resilient, water repellent and chemical resistant. This product can be cut to size for any industrial filtration or equipment cabinets.