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NOVAPLEAT® X delivers a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than standard wirebacked and self-supported MERV 8 pleats. With the lower upfront cost of a self-supported pleat, the new innovative synthetic media design also boasts a lower pressure drop than our current MERV 8 NOVAPLEAT®. Designed with a higher dust holding capacity than MERV 8 SC pleats, it easily meets required lifespans and lowers operational costs.

Available in a nominal 1” or 2” depth.

  • Achieves MERV 10
  • Captures 2.5 times more particles in the 1-3 micron range than MERV 8
  • Lower TCO than standard wirebacked and self-supported MERV 8 pleats
  • MERV 10 protects equipment, downstream filters, and building occupants
  • Heavyweight media to withstand shipping and handling damage
  • No RoHS risk (heavy metals)
  • Reduces landfill waste – Fully incinerable

Protected by US patent numbers 7,156,891 and D544,949

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